Most of the below projects are publicly available, but some have been abstracted for client privacy.

App & Design System for Power Tools

Milwaukee Tool's ONE-KEY app was a long term project of mine. I worked on branding, mobile wireframes and visual design, design systems, design workshops and created their usability testing strategy.

Research & Strategy for Large Mfg.

One of the largest global manufacturers needed a new unified intranet. I created the UX Strategy for the portal - including developing and conducting a variety of research and wireframing.

Data Visualization for Healthcare Billing

Sift Healthcare needed a highly usable and aesthetically pleasing dashboard to visualize healthcare billing. I worked on every step of the process from initial sketching, design and even some dev work.

Building a New UX College Degree

MSOE needed help to craft a completely new UX degree. I worked on their overall degree plan, helped with class sequencing, wrote class descriptions and created brand new classes.

Workflow Redesign & Design Workshop

Augusta Sportswear wanted to revolutionize the apparel customization process. I worked with them to create a custom design workshop, create mobile designs and review the desktop experience.

IoT Chatbot to Control Office Environment

SafeNet wanted to build a solution for controlling their environment. I helped with everything from initial feature definition to creating mockups and testing plans.