Client: Management Research Services
Project Duration: 4 months
Role: Director of UX (Research & Strategy)
Virtual Post its Created Over 9000 400

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Management Research Services (MRS) has a highly complex, highly flexible no-code platform for enterprise. As their first UX hire, I was responsible for building out their UX team as well as conducting complex research with multi-million dollar clients.

Underwriter Workbench (UW) was the first research plan I executed under our new research strategy. My research was primarily UX driven, though I was also responsible for market research. I spent four months on the project, from brainstorming through high-level design workshops. The tech team then took what I created and build out a more robust solution for implementation.

Picture of posts its starting off scrambled and then becoming progressively more organized 341 Insights from 8 categories, organized into 9 themes and then divided into 60 potential features

Key Responsibilities

  • Build and execute on research plan, from initial discovery through post-mortem
  • Lead design sessions and collaborate to build a brand-new innovative & competitive solution
  • Synthesize research findings into a roadmap and actionable takeaways

This project helped MRS gain their two largest clients, with a potential projected revenue of nearly double their previous revenue.


This was MRS’ first enterprise-scale research initiative. Before I began research, I build a strategy framework. We now use this in all research plans.

Four phases of the project were Discover, Decide, Design, Deploy Overview of the research methodology I pioneered at MRS

Initial Discovery

During the initial discovery process, I analyzed our current and desired states. We had a lot of the pieces that would work for an underwriter workbench, but without a good understanding of how to put them together. Between interviews, competitive analyses and system evaluations, I left the initial discovery process with a solid understanding of what we needed to do.

  • Heuristic Evaluation of current system capabilities
  • User Interviews with underwriters, call center reps, APS reps and clients
  • Personas for APS, APS supervisor, call center rep and underwriter
  • Journey Maps for the underwriting process
  • Competitive Analysis of competitors and a deep dive into Novarica report

Prioritization & Decision Research

Next, I brought a list of recommended features to present to the C level for approval. I worked with the PO to come up with a list of PBIs and analyzed them for user impact versus developer effort. We came up with a roadmap and presented the outcomes to the tech teams.

  • Feature Brainstorming based on insights from initial research
  • Prioritized Matrix of PBIs by effort and impact
  • Roadmap of features we want to experiment with

Design Experimentation

I led a design workshop with a cross-functional team to come up with experiments that we could conduct to meet the business needs of the UW Workshop. For most of the team, this was their first time doing any virtual collaboration. We used a combination of Miro and Figma. Based on their ideas, I did some rapid prototyping to bring to our clients.

  • Design Workshop online with a cross-functional team
  • Wireframing ideas that the team came up with
  • Prototyping in Figma
  • Concept Testing with several clients

Post-Mortem & Ongoing Research

As features are developed and released, the tech teams conduct usability testing. I did some initial testing, but transitioned it directly to the agile teams. Now, we’re in the process of coming up with ongoing qualitative and quantitive analytics we can use to measure the success of UW Workbench.

  • Usability Testing for each new feature
  • Analytics and metrics collected continuously and asynchronously

Interested in learning more?

Research plan, executive presentations and all research artifacts available by request (screen share only). Some elements will be abstracted due to HIPAA and PII compliance.