Client: Sift Healthcare
Duration: On and off for slightly under two years
Role: Freelance UX, workflows, data visualization, dashboard design
Steps in Healthcare Billing Process: too. many.

This is an ongoing project with protected health and financial information. Screenshots are abstracted to protect Sift and their clients.

Sift Healthcare works with hospital and billing collection agencies to help them better understand their billing practices. Sift needed a partner who could help them build out their data visualization capabilities. I worked with Sift to understand their needs through whiteboarding sessions and wireframing. Then, I built out mockups and helped with front-end development within their BI platform, Sisense.

Key Responsibilities

  • Data Visualization
  • Wireframes in Adobe XD
  • Working Prototypes in Axure
  • Front End Development (CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, JSON)


Workflow Analysis

Healthcare billing is a complicated process — one that few understand (myself included). I first took time to look at the data and payment workflows. How are patients being billed? How are hospitals being paid? What’s missing? I drew workflows and created very simple personas to understand the process. From there, we were able to decipher what information was really critical to visualize.

  • Data Workflows
  • Journey Mapping

Hand written wireframes Planning contents for a page in a whiteboarding session

Visual Design

Sift already had a marketing website, but it needed to be translated and expanded. As I built out screens, I built out their brand style guide and translated elements into a Sift design system.

  • Brand Style Guide
  • Design System

Menu for Design System Design System for Sift

Data Visualization Design

I translated the workflows and requirements into roughly 30 screens. I then used hotspots, conditional formatting and basic scripting in Axure to turn the screens into a fully working prototype.

  • Focus on KPIs and key drivers
  • Highly interactive and filterable
  • Working prototype

Highlevel view of some of the Sift wireframes High-level view of some of the iterations

Platform Implementation

Sift and I chose a BI and data visualization platform called Sisense to implement our vision. My role was to take the important data and metrics and create usable, aesthetically pleasing data visualizations. This involved some of the tools within the platform, but also required a lot of CSS and Javascript changes. I also worked directly with the REST API to make feature changes.

  • Github project and collaboration
  • Design changes via CSS injection and JQuery
  • Feature changes via JSON and REST API