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I have several projects that I can't display here for NDA or other reasons. Reach out and I'll happily walk you through them.

Responsive Website & Design Thinking

Design Workshop, Mobile Mockups, Heuristic Evaluation, Ongoing Guidance

I worked with an undisclosed client on the relaunch of their custom apparel builder. We went through a design workshop, heuristic evaluation and a series of workflow and app designs. The redesign launches later this year! View Case Study

Inclusive Mobile Design System

Design Pattern Library, Accessibility, Agile UX Delivery for Milwaukee Tool

Over 18 months, I helped completely revamp ONE-KEY's mobile platform, including creating a design pattern system, designing mockups, and conducting usability testing. View Case Study

IoT Chatbot

IoT, Chatbots, Voice Interfaces, Personas, Workflows

SafeNet wanted to create a chatbot to help with conference room automation and setup. I worked on the overall flow of the chatbot, as well as the finalized design. View Case Study

UX Designer and Adjunct Professor

I create strategy and user experiences for companies of all sizes.

I love making things. As a kid, I wanted to be a lot of things -- an inventor, an architect and (at one point) an English Professor. I've focused my career on delivering "stuff" that works for your entire user base, through inclusive design and in-depth research. I build immersive and usable experiences across traditional and emerging technologies, through responsive design, working prototypes, wearables, AR/VR and whatever comes next.

If you’re looking for a strategic partner for design, you want to talk tech, or you just want to grab a coffee, feel free to reach out!

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